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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pip-Squeak Spire (13,268') and Our New Canon G15

On July 16th, Rebecca and I backpacked to Chicken Spring Lake and climbed Pip-Squeak Spire the following day.  We were excited to try out a new camera we purchased recently - the Canon G15.  I can definitely say we were not disappointed!  It takes great pictures and has some really fun features.  It was a nice trip.

Walking Around Long Lake

Chicken Spring Lake

Our Camp Above Chicken Spring Lake
Flowers by the Lake

View From Cox Col
Rebecca Scrambling Her Way To Pip-Squeak Spire

Looking Back At Bear Creek Spire

Pip-Squeak Spire Summit Block, I Didn't Have The Cajones To Stand On The Tippy Top ;-)

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