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Friday, March 15, 2013

On A Dirtbike With No Name, Death Valley

This blog entry is mainly an excuse to post a video, so I can test out that part of blogsplot's functionality.

This ride was from spring, 2012 and is going to be the first of an annual tradition of long, solo dirt bike rides, if I can help it.  It's hard to describe the liberating feeling one gets from the saddle while looking out at miles and miles of wide open desert to launch off into!

This one was around 400 miles, over 2 days, with one night spent in the back country in Greenwater Valley, near Golden Valley.  The winds were ferocious in Death Valley on the first day.  I felt so bad for the Hell's Gate Century cyclists I saw while going through, as they had to call off the event.  I did that ride the year before and would have felt horrible to have it canceled like that, after all the training.

I got to go through Butte Valley for the first time, which was awesome.  Also, checked out Barker's Ranch for the first time.  This was Charles Manson's last hideout and where the Inyo County Sherrifs finally got him.  There isn't much to see, as the structure burnt down a ways back, just a cement structure and some shacks.  Hard to believe he got there driving a school bus over Mengel Pass from the East side!  More proof he really was insane.

On a Dirtbike With No Name, Death Valley, 2012 from Evan and Rebecca Thomas on Vimeo.

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