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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Early Season Sierra Hikes, 2013

Rebecca and I love the early season Sierra hikes each year.  Despite having been visiting the Sierra almost every year for the past 15, or so, each time it seems like we forget all the sights, sounds and sensations we love and experience in this place.  Early season also means no crowds.  Across these 4, or 5 hikes, we ran into only a handful of people.  This year has been a low snow year too, making for easy access to some areas that would normally be buried under snow.

Our first hike was to Gilbert Lake out of Onion Valley.  Onion Valley was the spot of our very first Sierra trip.  Gilbert Lake is about 2.5 miles from the trail head and rests at approximately 10,500 feet elevation.  It was a perfect hike to start getting in shape and acclimated.

The next hike I was on my own, because Rebecca was busy with work.  I originally decided to hike Trail Peak out of Horseshoe Meadows.  When I got the trailhead the only other group of people there were apparently also heading for Trail Peak.  What are the chances?  So, I made a last minute decision to hike Trailmaster Peak, which would be a new one for me, anyhow.  I was a little nervous about the length (9 miles) as I was nursing a knee injury, but things worked out well enough. This peak was surprisingly enjoyable and makes for a great conditioner.

For Abe

Next hike, Rebecca joined me again for an awesome hike up Dragon Lakes.  Most of the fresh snow was melted from the recent storm.  Nice steep trail, making for a great workout.  We both agreed something magical was in the air this day.

For the other most recent hike, I headed out solo again to Mono Pass Peak - a non-descript bump just to the left of Mono Pass, but with some pretty nice views.  I spent the night in my vehicle and started reading the Way of the White Clouds by Lama Anagarika Govinda, which is an autobiographical tale of his pilgrimage through Tibet.  Seems like a great read so far, one I am going to save for my Sierra trips. Unfortunately, my ankle started bugging me on this one, so hopefully it hangs in there for some more summer fun later on.  I thought I was over this injury, but apparently not.  In the meantime, I get to be busy with work for the next few weeks, but looking forward to getting out more!

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